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A massive amount of dog owners on the Central Coast commute to the City on a daily basis. Are you working long hours? Are you coming home late and having less quality time with your dog? Time poor? Recovering from an illness? Are they long lonely days for your dog? Dogs who are left for long periods of time without mental stimulation or physical exercise are more likely to become destructive or bored, or both. It can also lead to behavioural problems such as digging, chewing, barking and so on. All are problems that may give you or your neighbours a headache, so in the long-term can cause serious problems for you and your dog.

Exercise is the best boredom buster for your dog. I can give your dog regular exercise when you’re unable to do so, due to work, illness or whatever else life throws at you. I can also help you and your dog by recommending mental stimulation for your dog. I will walk your dog come rain, hail or shine. Your dog will be towel dried if it’s wet, and given fresh water and treats on our return. I will exercise your boisterous dog. I will walk your reactive dog. No dog is too difficult to walk!

I also offer free behavioural advice to my dog walking clients. Let me take the lead for you

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Dog Training

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Pet Sitting

Mind the dog!
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Dog Boarding

The Mutt House
If you’re looking for budget accommodation then keep looking – we’re not for you – Nothing but 5 star all the way here!
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